In Part 1 of ‘Free Spanish Materials’ I talked about the four chapters of Synergy Spanish that Marcus Santamaria offers for free.
These are fantastic lessons. Immediately, you are learning verbs and words that are used everyday by real Spanish speakers. You are forming Spanish sentences which afford you the opportunity to begin communicating at once. Plus, using these free Synergy Spanish lessons gives you a chance to test drive Marcus’s great method of teaching Spanish and see if it is for you.

BUT…, Marcus Santamaria does not stop here when offering you free Spanish materials. Before you even finish these four chapters, he includes a link to four more free chapters.

These bonus materials include a wealth of information:

1. Easy patterns to change English words to Spanish. Using these simple rules you are able to immediately expand your Spanish vocabulary and instantly increase your Spanish speaking ability by nearly 600 words.

2. More power verbs to broaden your communication opportunities.

3. A sampling of the 100 most frequently used words in Spanish and how to use them to increase your power of communicating in real Spanish.

4. Creating and writing more real Spanish sentences.

5. Spanish structure of forming questions and using gender—explained in a clear and concise manner.

Well, that is an overview of some of the bonus materials that Marcus Santamaria gives you access to. The one thing about Marcus is that his passion is Spanish and he is always giving and giving.
Once you sign up for the free lessons from Synergy Spanish, keep your eyes open for more free bonus materials and continuous free tips for learning and practicing Spanish.

I don’t know why Marcus gives so much good stuff for free, but:


SO… what are you waiting for! It’s free! No strings attached! It works!

Learn to speak Spanish online free.

Click on this title: GET MY FREE SPANISH LESSONS
(Fill the form in and push the button at the bottom that says Free Synergy Spanish Lessons.)
Check back for more reviews of the free Audio Spanish lessons, the free Spanish vocab lists, and the free Spanish games I made to complement the Free Synergy Spanish Lessons.

Until then, practice that Spanish! Practice and repetition make perfect!

Hasta Luego,

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