A. How to Use Color Words In Spanish Correctly

Discover the Spanish color words. Build on your ability to communicate in Spanish by learning how to use these Spanish color words properly. Do you know what to do with plurals? How about the differences in gender. Click on the title above to discover these answers.

B. The Common Spanish Word ‘Hay’

The Spanish word ‘Hay’ is used repeatedly every day. It is a small, but powerful word that is a must if you want to communicate in real Spanish.

Click on the title above and learn how to use this important common Spanish word to communicate effectively?

C. The Magic of Basic Spanish Words Used Effectively

You can take basic Spanish words and combine them in certain patterns with specific verbs, you have the speaking power of over 80,000 potential sentences! Learn more by clicking on the title above.

D. Learn to Speak Spanish Online Free

Save yourself some valuable time and alleviate some of your frustrations by checking out these free resources that worked for me.

E. How To Say Bye In Spanish

Have fun learning and practicing different ways of ‘how to say bye in Spanish.’ Can you ace the quiz or do you need more practice?

F. How To Say Purple In Spanish

Have fun:Test yourself and see if you know ‘how to say Purple in Spanish’ as well as other Spanish colors. While you are at it, enjoy my flower photos taken here in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico and the surrounding areas.

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