Synergy Spanish Bonus

Exclusive Synergy Spanish Bonus

Practice makes perfect. This saying is especially important when it comes to learning a new language.
Having experienced the roles of both student and teacher, I know that practice and review do not have to be boring. It can be fun.
So, to complement the Synergy Spanish Program by Marcus Santamaria, I have made 10 fun Spanish challenges:

*Short answer
*Word search
*Long answer
*Memory game
*Plus more

Below is a sneak look at a few of the ‘Challenges’ available.  Have fun practicing your Spanish! (Click on pictures to see larger version.)

Sample 1: Challenge Yourself by Matching Spanish and English Vocabulary.
match spanish and english vocabulary
Sample 2: Challenge 3 -Flashcards and Memory Game to practice the real life Spanish dialog you are learning!
practice your real spanish dialog
Sample 3:  Challenge 9  is a fun Crisscross to Review Verbs introduced and used in Synergy Spanish.
review spanish verbs
These special made challenges can only be found here and are offered as a thank you bonus when you purchase the downloadable Synergy Spanish from any of my links.

Spanish Bonus Lessons

Purchase the Synergy Spanish ecourse from any of my links.

Send a copy of your receipt or purchase number in an email to

Once your receipt is verified, I will send you your bonus challenges.

Sorry–Purchasing the hardcopy or home delivery version of Synergy Spanish does not qualify for this bonus–only the downloadable version. Thanks.

Learning Spanish
can be easy and fun.
Wishing you only success in learning Spanish.

Buena Suerte,
Penny Howe