Marcus Santamaria from Synergy Spanish offers some fabulous free Spanish lessons. The great thing about these free Spanish lessons is that THEY WORK!
Instantly he gets you communicating and speaking Spanish in complete sentences.

I have been living in Mexico for nearly fifteen years now and I do know some Spanish, but I liked the brick and mortar idea that Marcus Santamaria talked about. I was curious how he could get anyone speaking Spanish with only 138 words.

So, I signed up for the free Synergy Spanish Lessons!
I want you to know that I was NOT DISAPPOINTED.
In fact, I wish I would have had this guidance when I first started to learn.


  1. First, I was impressed with how he began using verbs immediately.
    You must have verbs to make sentences. You can know all the vocabulary in the world, but until you have the verbs to go with the Spanish vocabulary, you will never form real Spanish sentences.
  2. Second, I was thrilled with the first verbs that Marcus introduces. I can tell you, these verbs are major for Spanish communication and are used daily.
  3. Thirdly, once you learn these verbs, you are on your way to communicating in Spanish, speaking in full sentences, and having a bases for unlimited Spanish sentences.

EASILY, you can continue to use your Spanglish, bits of Spanish vocabulary and Spanish phrases if you like. Been there, done that!!

BUT, if you really want to learn how to communicate and form Spanish sentences quickly, then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of these fantastic free lessons offered by Synergy Spanish.

Hey, they are free with no strings attached! They work!

Learn to speak Spanish online free.

Click on this title: GET MY FREE SPANISH LESSONSSynergy Spanish Hot Pepper

(A Synergy Spanish page will come up. Fill in the form and push the button at the bottom that says Free Synergy Spanish Lessons.)


Check back as I elaborate on the free bonus lessons that Synergy Spanish includes, the precious free Audio Spanish lessons, the free Spanish vocab lists, and the free Spanish games I made to complement the Free Synergy Spanish Lessons. Until then, practice that Spanish!

Hasta Luego,

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