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free spanish games SPANISH GAME 1: QUIERO y NECESITO
Marcus Santamaria, the author of Synergy Spanish, offers fantastic Spanish lessons for free. In his free lessons he gets right to the point and introduces Spanish verbs. Verbs are absolutely necessary to quickly form Spanish phrases and complete sentences in Spanish.

Powerfully, he combines reading, writing, pronouncing, listening, and repetition when presenting these lessons. He certainly does a great job and best of all he has given you access to not one, but four free Spanish lessons, four bonus lessons, and eight free Spanish audio lessons.

This Spanish board game was made to add more practice for the concepts introduced in the first free lesson offered by Marcus Santamaria, in Synergy Spanish, but of course can be used on its own.

In his first free Spanish lesson, he introduces two main verbs, quiero and necesito. Use this game to practice those two verbs and their negatives, no quiero and no necesito.

Other Spanish vocabulary words that he introduces are also included in this game. This gives you a chance to practice these new Spanish Vocabulary words along with the Spanish verbs and form more sentences on your own.

Repetition is a key factor to learning. Oral pronunciation is also very important when learning a language. Repetition and oral pronunciation are two main keys in this game.

Easily print the materials and you are on your way to adding to your Spanish repertoire!
Here is a picture of the completed game.
learn spanish using games

Here is wishing you fun learning!
Penny Howe

PS: 1. If you have not taken advantage of these free Spanish lessons yet, then clearly you are missing out on a great opportunity. Capitalize on these powerful free Spanish lessons.
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2. If you have taken advantage of the Synergy Spanish free lessons, then you have certainly experienced how powerfully Marcus Santamaria combines, reading, writing, pronunciation, listening, and repetition when presenting these lessons; how instantly he gets you communicating and speaking Spanish in complete sentences.
Obviously, then, you should treat yourself to the whole Synergy Spanish program:
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