Synergy Spanish Review #2–Free Spanish Materials Part 3


Is Synergy Spanish by Marcus Santamaria a great way to learn conversational Spanish? Can he really get you speaking Spanish with only 138 words? Luckily, using his free Spanish lessons gives you a chance to test drive Synergy Spanish and see if Marcus’s great method of teaching Spanish works for you. Now is your chance to test drive the Spanish audio that comes with his free Spanish lessons:

Five Free Audio Spanish Lessons

This free Synergy Spanish Download includes five free audio Spanish lessons. These five lessons equal a CD worth of audio for you to practice making real Spanish that you can use immediately to communicate with Spanish Speakers.

These Spanish audio lessons are not an isolated listening series. They are the real audio lessons from Synergy Spanish that help you use and pronounce the materials you received in the first four free Spanish chapters. You get to try the real stuff, direct from the Synergy Spanish program, not something that was made just as a freebie.

In order to learn Spanish, or any language, you need to hear the proper pronunciations. You can read and write all you want, but until you get those words out of your mouth, you are not going too far. Use these Spanish pronunciation audios to practice forming those sentences out loud. I know from experience, that when learning a new language, it is an absolute must to hear yourself say those words.

If you make a mistake, try again and again. That is what it is all about, isn’t it? Replay the audio as many times as you like. Repeat and repeat, hear the sounds and pronunciations over and over.

Well, so far I have given you an overview of the free Spanish materials that Marcus Santamaria gives you access to in his free Synergy Spanish pdf:
1. First Four Chapters of Synergy Spanish by Marcus Santamaria.
2. Four Bonus Spanish Chapters
3. Five Free Audio Spanish Lessons

Next, check back to hear about and access the free Spanish games and Spanish vocabulary helps that I made to complement the free materials from Synergy Spanish.

Learn to speak Spanish online free with these free Synergy Spanish Downloads.
What are you waiting for! It works! It’s free!

Here is wishing you good luck in your quest for learning Spanish,

Penny Howe
Free Spanish Materials

Color Words In Spanish
Spanish Board Game: Quiero y Necesito

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